Grotrian Pianos


For over 180 years, Grotrian-Steinweg, known as Grotrian in the United States, has continued the family tradition of building the finest pianos possible with the finest materials available.  The Grotrian-Steinweg factory in Braunschweig, Germany currently employs sixty colleagues who work together to build this premium piano to a standard upheld by five generations of the Grotrian-Steinweg family.  Today, the basis of the Grotrian tradition remains unchanged:  A unique tone and a love of music.

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  • Wilhelm Grotrian WGS 122 is an upright suited for intermediate to beginner player.
    Wilhelm Grotrian WGS 122
  • The Wilhelm Grotrian WGS 120 especially useful for piano teaching and practice. With a quality price to performance ratio, the upright is practical and enjoyable.
    Wilhelm Grotrian WGS 120
  • The Wilhelm Grotrian WGS-165 is your musical companion and biggest critic. Grand pianos of this caliber are worth years of practice.
    Wilhelm Grotrian WGS 165
  • Wilhelm Grotrian WGS 152
  • Wilhelm Grotrian WG23 Upright Piano
  • Wilhelm Grotrian WG32 Upright Piano