Seiler Pianos


Since 1849, the goal of the Seiler Piano Company has been to achieve perfection. This innovative mindset continues today. From the SMR (Super Magnetic Repetition Action) introduced in 2018 in the Eduard Seiler uprights to the patented leadless keyboard, each Seiler piano is a masterful, unique work of art. Every genuine Seiler piano personifies the knowledge and experience of four generations of the highly developed art of piano making. Seiler has earned its global reputation as being the industry archetype through its exquisite craftsmanship, quality and precision. Browse our collection of Seiler pianos to find the perfect fit for your performance needs.
  • Eduard Seiler 186N Grand Piano
  • Johannes Seiler GS150N Baby Grand Piano
  • Seiler SE126 Upright Piano
  • Eduard Seiler ED132 Upright Piano
  • Johannes Seiler GS116N Upright Piano
  • Eduard Seiler ED168 Baby Grand Piano