Grotrian Pianos

Friedrich Grotrian and Heinrich Steinweg founded the Grotrian-Steinweg Piano Company in Germany in 1835. In 1851, Heinrich immigrated to the United States, changed his name to Henry Steinway, and established the firm Steinway & Sons in 1853.  For the past 175 years, Grotrian-Steinweg, known as Grotrian in the United States, has continued the family tradition of building the finest pianos possible with the finest materials available.  The Grotrian-Steinweg factory in Braunschweig, Germany currently employs sixty colleagues who work together to build this premium piano to a standard upheld by five generations of the Grotrian-Steinweg family.  In 1999, Knut Grotrian-Steinweg stepped away from active management turning daily operations over to Burkhardt Steinhardt, industrial manager and piano builder.  Today the Grotrian Company is owned by the daughters of Erwin Grotrian along with sixth generation Jobst Grotrian, Knut’s son, a shareholder.