Playing the piano is not a dying art

Some people think that people are not buying pianos anymore… Well, that is simply not true! We sell hundreds of wonderful pianos every year between our two stores in Eugene & Portland. Further, the piano tuning/service business is as strong today as it has been in years!

Yes, there are a lot of other distractions for kids, and adults these days with cell phones, internet games, and social media that capture the attention of many, but there are thankfully still a lot of people buying and playing piano on a regular basis.

Keyboards versus pianos

Another myth about playing the piano that I continually hear is that people seem to think that Keyboards have killed the piano industry. Again, this is simply not true. We sell more acoustic pianos over digital pianos, but they both have a wonderful place in music. They complement each other.

Thankfully there are still tens of thousands of pianos being manufactured and sold today! We are proud to represent brands like Kawai, Baldwin, Grotiran, and Fazioli. I am confident that pianos will live on for many many years to come. There is just something so therapeutic, healing, and romantic about piano music. Pianos will find their way into the homes, schools, and hearts of millions as the years continue to go by.

Pianos have come a long way in craftsmanship over the years. The Kawai pianos of today have introduced ABS Carbon fiber into their action parts to create a stronger, yet, lighter action for a better playing experience. They continually make strides to make them better!

Used pianos may be inexpensive but they aren’t free

How did the rumor that pianos don’t sell, or that no one plays anymore get started? It probably came from someone who had an old upright or baby grand that they tried to sell or even give away, but no one was interested. That is the case for many old pianos! Older worn out pianos are often found being offered for cheap, and even FREE! But, there is no such thing as a free piano. You usually have to pay to move it and have it tuned, and usually do some repairs as well.

Pianos will never go out of style

So, why will pianos stand the test of time, and continue to sell and be played you might ask? It’s really very simple. Pianos add tremendous value to our lives in ways you may not have even considered. For one, they make you think. You must make many decisions while playing a piano – like deciding which finger will play which key, and when. This happens whether you read music or you’re just playing by ear. The second reason for pianos lasting the test of time is because piano music itself is very therapeutic. The human soul will always long for the sound of a pianos hammer hitting a string and making that beautiful tone when played with soul and passion.

Yes, thankfully pianos are still selling, and kids & adults alike are taking lessons. True, the days where pianos filled most every house may be gone, but there are still plenty of interest in this amazing instrument called the piano!  

Interested in finding a piano to bring magic to your home? Contact us to help you find the one that’s right for you.